Long Story #1 ~ Part 1: Fateful Encounters

Once upon a time, King Roland lived in the castle of Yule, a kingdom just above the sea, bordered by the Mountains of Eternity. He looked for a wife over the borders of his country, forced by his people’s customs. He travelled through the mountains only to end up in a land nobody knew of, they only knew the name, Linea, meaning, The land of Peace.

Once the King arrived with his retinue from the mountains, they were all frozen and some even had died from the cold up there. King Roland immediately realised his messengers had never returned to him, because of the stabbing cold. Once you got halfway, you wouldn’t be able to survive on your own, only the strongest would survive.

In the first town the party passed they were welcomed as if they had been on a long journey. Everyone in Yara was nice, and King Roland was soon to discover the tales of Linea being the land of peace, were correct. As they explained who they were, and where they came from, the master of the tavern immediately sent word to the town’s magician, hoping she would be able to contact the king.

King Roland and his people made themselves comfortable as the villagers of Yara told them how it was done in their country. It seemed that nobody had ever gone to war, but that nearly everyone knew how to fight. Each year there was hold a tournament, in which everyone could participate, woman, man, it didn’t matter. It seemed the people fought for honour and their ranking of their cities in the kingdom, but at the same time everyone was equal. Children were taught how to farm once they were able to walk, and same went with fighting. The few chosen ones that had potential for magic were put under the wings of the local magicians. Once they were old enough, they were send to the unknown castle of the royal family, in which they were educated further, and were given the honour of becoming the magician of one of the cities or villages close by, or somewhere further away, if there was a city in need of a magician.

The royal family, the villagers told King Roland one day by the bonfire, was one of the eldest family known in the whole kingdom. Yet they followed the same rules, but there was something special. The were the centre of all the magicians, and their castle was in a hidden space somewhere in the centre of the kingdom. All the magicians knew where the castle was, because all of them had to pledge loyalty to the King once they turned 23 and finished their master magician studies. This royal family was also the one educating the magicians to become real masters. In the middle of the kingdom, yet not too close to the castle, was a sort of small house that led into the ground, known as the Magician’s Keeper. It was there that a huge amount of people were able to stay to finish their studies and be assigned to a village by the King.

The villagers never told what kind of magic their magicians possessed though, since that was an unspoken rule in Linea, no outsider gets to know how complex and well evolved the magic in the kingdom was. It had been like this for years, and this was one of the reasons the kingdom had never been at war. Countries and kingdoms surrounding them had tried, yet nobody succeeded because magic was not only used to come to a civil agreement, it was also used to manipulate people, and to make sure nothing bad would happen to no foe nor enemy.

After what looked like eternity the King of Linea arrived together with his two daughters. The magician of Yara had contacted him through her mind, explaining the situation. The King of Linea, Laurence, knew exactly why the king of the other kingdom had come. There had been enough signs to know what he was up to, and a powerful magician as he was, he had sensed the party crossing the Mountains of Eternity. It had taken him a lot of power to make sure that nearly all of them survived, but yet he hadn’t been able to prevent some of the weaker people freezing to death.

It was a sunny day as the two Kings met for the first time. The plaza of Yara had been cleared, even though it was marking day, and everyone was wondering what the king was up to. If the King of Linea had an audience with a high placed member of another kingdom or country, this was usually done in one of the cities closest at the borders, because the citizens of Linea didn’t like foreigners exploring their kingdom if it wasn’t really necessary, they rather had everyone stay at the borders in peace. The King had also cast a enchantment over the plaza, meaning everyone was able to see the two Kings, but nobody would be able to hear what they were saying, except the ones with magic. It was done because of one of the old customs of the country.

“I welcome you to this country, King of Yule, I hope you were welcomed pleasantly in the border city Yara.”

“I thank you, King of Linea, let us refer ourselves by our name, as we are equals in rank. I am Roland of Yula, pleasure to make you acquaintance.” King Laurence nodded and he introduced himself as well. With that all formalities were gone and the Kings could speak freely.

“I think I have to explain why I came from so far, Laurence, as nobody has ever crossed the Mountains of Eternity before, as history tells us.”

“You don’t need to Roland. I am a man of fewer words, but none the least a magician as well, I know why you came here, and I know I am in no state to neglect you what you seek, that’s why I brought my two daughters with me, so you could meet them. But remember, the final decision of who is going with you is not mine, but its theirs to decide.” King Laurence had read the thoughts of King Roland, but not all, as that went against the rules of his country, all he saw was the desperation of finding a queen who had noble blood, but was a magician at the same time. It seemed his own citizens had forsaken him, as only noble boys had been born in his era.

“Both of my daughters will spend one week with you each, and then after two weeks you will return over the Mountains of Eternity, as if you had never been here before. It custom of my people that foreigners don’t cross the border cities, and I gave them my word to keep that custom when I was crowned to king.”

“I understand. I thank you Laurence, for listening to me.” Roland was relieved that his search had come to an end. In two weeks he would have found himself a queen, but above all, he would have done something none of his line had ever done before, and he would go down in history.

“Tomorrow my youngest daughter will pick you up and show you the beauty of her voice, and her knowledge. She will stay in the same tavern you are, I am sure you won’t miss use any of the privileges I’ve granted you.” Laurence looked Roland in the eyes, and saw that he wouldn’t. With that the enchantment of the King of Linea came to an end, and the two of the kings parted their ways.

On the plaza all the people were wondering what their King had decided, but they knew to be patient. Usually the whole kingdom knew what the King had discussed with the foreigners, but it would only become public after the persons in question had left the country again, so nobody would do something out of rash emotion. But today was different, and everyone knew so as they heard the king speak. The enchantment of the dome had ended, but there was a new one. This one was hearable on every plaza just as the first enchantment made the two Kings visible on every plaza in the whole kingdom, but nobody had told the foreigners that, even though all of the villagers knew it.

“Dear citizens of Linea, I am hereby announcing that King Roland of the Kingdom of Yule, which lies after the Mountains of Eternity, has asked for one of my daughter’s hand in marriage. We have come upon an agreement in which our princesses will decide who goes with him. We wish the lucky princess a happy life in the unknown, and she had her husband may live on forever.” As the king stopped speaking the enchantment faded as well, and the citizens were perplex. So far, everyone who tried to approach the king for the hand of one of his daughters had been neglected, but this time he had accepted the offer. In the whispered around the plaza you could hear the unbelievable voices of the citizens spread, but the magician of Yara made sure no foreigner would be able to hear those.

The following morning Princess Lianne entered the tavern, she demanded no special treatment like the southern king had demanded in his body language, and the master of the tavern knew better than to treat her like a special guest. She got a room next to the King’s and knocked on his door.

“Hello, I am Princess Lianne, daughter of Linea.” With that, the servant of the king let her in and she introduced herself again to King Roland.

“I welcome you, Princess of Linea, into my small residence.” With that King Roland gestured to his servant to leave the two of them alone, yet a female servant remained, at the request of the Princess. She didn’t want anything to happen, nor that people would talk about the fact she had been alone with the King for a while.

In the week that followed Lianne and Roland got to know each other better, they didn’t differ much in age, as Roland was 25 years old, and Lianne was 23. The two of them rode on horseback and Lianne showed Roland some of the farms that were in the area, but she was also careful that she didn’t show her heritage nor the ones of the people. Roland asked her about the different customs and why things were that way, but mostly he asked about how she was, what did she like, and how could he have never heard of the fact that the people here were really so peaceful.

As the week ended Roland hoped this princess would come back with him. He had grown to like her, as she was the sweet kind of girl you would want to tend for you kids, and who would not speak up in an argument. It would be a fitting queen on his side, as he was looking to make all the important decisions himself, just like his father has done before him. Yet this wasn’t really the custom in his kingdom, it was said that the King and Queen held an equal power, but his family line was trying to change that.

Lianne left the room she had been staying in and returned to the unknown place as she hugged her sister while they crossed each other’s path. The two sisters didn’t really need to talk about anything, as they shared a magical bound. It was something only known by twin sisters, who had magical abilities. There weren’t a lot twins around with magical abilities and the princesses where rare in that case. Having twins meant that the love of the parents was real, and this was very common in Linea to appear, yet they had heard, this was not the case in Yule at all, as people where often forced into marriage.

Lissandra already knew a lot about King Roland because she had heard a lot from her sister during the nights she was in her own room. For Lissandra the choice was clear, she was going to go with King Roland, because of his character, even though now he appeared all nice towards her sister, she knew that could change in a minute if she wasn’t there to save her sister. Lianne was afraid of hurting anyone, and Lissandra had always been protecting her because it was her little sister. She could not stand the fact to see Lianne hurt, as much again. She promised her mum she would always protect her sister when her mum’s disease caught up with the time.

Their mother had lived a happy live with the two girls, yet a terrible disease took her away when the girls where just 12 years old. Lianne had been broken, and Lissandra knew she never wanted to see her sister like that ever again, so she had taken up the job to protect her sister, and she had done ever since.

Lissandra knocked the same door as her sister had done last week and introduced herself.

“I am Princess Lissandra, Daughter of Linea.” Her voice sounded more secure that her sister’s and she felt the anger of King Roland because of the fact that he wasn’t allowed to make the own decision. She then realised her sister wasn’t allowed to go with him, and that she would prevent everything so that wouldn’t happen. She knew Roland would eventually destroy her beloved sister.

The week was one with King Roland was one of the worst weeks Lissandra had ever experienced, and she and Roland never really got to know each other that well. He was cold towards her and didn’t want to say a thing. On the third day Lissandra had enough of it and she did something that was actually forbidden by the laws of her customs. She looked into the heart of King Roland and saw the darkness his father left him with, but also the fact he just wanted to have Lianne because she would be able to follow him without friction, so he would be able to rule on his own. It was there she decided she was not only going to save her sister, but she also going to save the Kingdom of Yule. It was time for her to let go of her true love and fulfil her destiny as saviour.

King Roland really tried to give the second princess the worst week of her life, but he didn’t understand that was that even how much hatred he showed towards her, she would not let go of the fact that she wanted to protect her sister. One day the sisters even switched places, but Roland didn’t realise as he was just thinking of another miserable day with who he had called the second princess. He treated Lianne, who took the place of her sister, like garbage, and it was only then that Lianne realised her sister was right. This wasn’t the man he showed her he was. He was, in fact, the cruelty himself, and even though she had taken a liking towards him, she now knew it was impossible for her to go with him, because she would be threatened much differently once she would arrive at the palace.

At the end of the week the King and Lianne joined Lissandra and King Roland for dinner, yet before that the two girls had a secret gathering in a pass a bit up in the mountain. It was freezingly cold there, but the two of them used the magic their mother learnt them to keep warm.

“Sister, you shouldn’t go with him.” Lissandra started as they finished checking the areas on anyone listening in on them.

“My heart says I want to, but it I look how he threatened you, hoping I would go with you instead, he’s wrong.” Lianne had tears in her eyes, and was doomed to lose the man she had taken a liking to.

“But… Sister, what about your fiancé? Won’t he be upset? I mean, what the two of you had, it’s something really rare.” Lianne was pointing towards something obvious, true love, and she knew her sister sneaked away every year to be with the guy in question for a month.

“He will be devastated sister… But I cannot let you go, I cannot let you stay with that creep. I won’t be able to reach you when you are that far away, and who knows when you need help. Besides, the people love you here, you will most likely be chosen to be the new Queen once father dies. They need you.” A tear rolled over Lissandra’s face as she thought of Thomas, her loved one, who lived in The Kingdom of Yule, just at the edge of the Mountains of Eternity, as he father was born there, but his mother was born in Linea.

“But I still cannot let you go.” Lianne felt the emotion through her sister and knew she was right, even though it pained her heart so much. The two of them went down the mountain and reached for the city of Yara, knowing this would be their last day together in a very long time.

“Ah daughters, there you are. I was wondering where the two of you went. King Roland has been looking for us, it’s time to join him in the dinning room for our last meal together.” The two sisters nodded at their father and gave him a hug. He had a hard time as well, he knew tomorrow there would only be one daughter left, and the other one would go and fulfil the destiny the stars had shown him when he last looked at them, the day that his wife died.

Lissandra and Lianne looked at each other as they talked through the connection they had as twins. The two of them knew very well how their father felt, and they felt the same way, but it was necessary for one of them to leave, but their connection would hold on.

“Not a word about Thomas Lia, father doesn’t know and he will not let me go if he knew I am giving up my true love to save you.”

“Okay then Liss, I will not say a word.” Lianne sounded angry but she knew her sister was right, as usual, even though that didn’t mean she had to agree with her.

The tree of them entered the dining hall at the same time. The local magician had outdone herself and made sure there was a feast prepared in the town hall, but it didn’t look like a town hall anymore. There were large tables everywhere and the whole town was invited, it truly looked like a feast as if there was a wedding going on.

“Welcome King Roland of Yule, King Laurence of Linea, and Princesses Lianne and Lissandra, Daughters of Linea. I am Yalene Magician of Yara, Border City of the Mountains of Eternity.” Yalene took a breath and gestured them to the places on the honourable table where there was one chair left free for herself after she would be done speaking.

“Tonight we have prepared a feast in order to celebrate the engagement between King Roland of Yule and Princess Lissandra, Daughter of Linea.” As Yalene was speaking Lissandra chanted in her mind who was going to go down south with King Roland. Yalene never flinched a bit as she spoke out the name of the princess that would be leaving Linea, but inside she was also very upset one of the two beloved daughters of Linea would be leaving.

King Roland’s face was devastated once he heard the name of the Princess who would be joining him, and Laurence saw that, so he became very worried about his daughter from the one of the other feeling, yet he knew he could not back of his word, as that would meant he’d go against what the stars had told him. He stood up and decided it was time for him to say something.

“As we all know now, our beloved Daughter of Linea will leave us to become a Queen in a different Kingdom, bordering ours. Before she starts her long journey I would like to give her my blessing. Please stand up, Princess Lissandra, Daughter of Linea. I will hereby grant you the royal title Princess of Hope, as has been written in the stars. May you carry out this title with great pride, and never forget where you came from.”

With that King Laurence said that down and all the people of the village started to cheer and clap loudly. He knew in his heart that he had made the right decision to give his daughter the title or Princess of Hope, even though that usually given in a time that everyone needed the hope. It had not even occurred before that someone had gotten that title, but he knew that the time was right, and she was the one who needed that title.

The feast lasted the world night and after that was done everyone was sound asleep. Lissandra just hugged her sister one more time as the two of them wished each other save travels, and then turned towards her dad. She slept in the room next to King Roland as she was in the meaning of their people now married to him, yet there still had to be an official wedding at King Roland’s castle for the two of them to be really married.

The following day Princess Lissandra left with King Roland, and his party. It was her duty to make sure all of the gifts, packages, servants, horses and other things would make it safely through the pass. She was going to use the magic her mother had learnt her for this, but it also meant nobody was allowed to know she was helping everyone to stay warm and away from the darkness the blizzards in the Mountains of Eternity could call on. Her mother had taught her this when she was just a little girl, and she and Lianne practised a lot until they were fully fluent with this skill. Then their mother would tell them to find a pack of rabbits and guide them into the snow. It was their task to keep them warm, and to make sure they all stayed alive. The girls thought this was awful, but at the same time they knew there was no other choice than to practise with the rabbits as if they had been practising with real people there could be real danger.

“Thank you mother.” Lissandra whispered as she prepared herself to use all her energy to make sure everything was covered. It was time for her to travel through the mountains once more, and this time not to visit her beloved one, but to dive into a new adventure.

Lissandra waved at her own kingdom as she followed the party into the mountains. This was going to be the last glimpse she would have of her own country and she made a picture of it in her mind. She said to herself that it was never to be forgotten, no matter what times were going to follow. It was time for her to live up to her full potential and to make sure everyone was going to be alright, no matter how much she had come to hate King Roland already. She would never feel that hatred for the whole kingdom, it was simply the hatred for the king.

“Goodbye Sister. Goodbye Kingdom, I was glad to server you from the start.” With that the Princess of Hope faded into the mountains, not to be seen again for a long time.


Poetry #8 ~ Loneliness

Looking so desperately for acceptance
Fear and moments left behind
Nobody looks back
Nobody sees
What is my point on being in this world.
Nobody wants me here
Nor needs me.

Laughter joins but inside you crumble apart
It’s not the end but merely the beginning
Everyone continues and forgets you.

A feeling that never goes
Even though
Friends are there to rely on
People care about you
Love you deeply
You’re alright because of the smile
They say.
The world scares you more than all
Scared of existence.

Happiness lives around you
You. A person with a smile
People who don’t look beyond looks.

What then
Nobody knows your true self
Nor your hidden moments inside.
The world sees what they want to
You’re desperate for acceptance
To hold on and show yourself
You’re just pushed away once again.

Hatred is all that has been left
Even if you try to please everyone
That loneliness never fades.

One small part inside, yet burns.
You’re not alive inside
Tearing apart
Afraid of losing your safe environment
One misstep and you’re alone

Poetry #7 ~ Danger glows

I hold my distance but still stay close

you look my way and saw I froze,

the winter white as a red rose

displays to me how time flows.


I sing a song as time slows

feeding my eternal woes

telling me to stand straight in a pose,

as I forget the one I chose.


I find my feelings caught in prose

remembering all of those

who left me to see my future grows

it’s not going down with all the blows.


I know, I am, not one of the pros

you say it’s okay and you doze

as your finger caresses my nose

yet I push you away and your hand lows.


I show the way my heart knows

knowing I have to tell how time goes

and show you the eternal throws

‘cuz danger is what inside me glows.

Writing Prompt #9 ~ Friends Forever

Author’s note: I imagine two friends having a conversation like this, wouldn’t that be fun? *grins*

“Lilly! Where are you?” A boy disappeared out of the fog that lied over the park and started to run again. It was as if there was no way to escape this fog.

“Lilly!” Out of nowhere the boy saw a girl swinging her arms around her body as if she was trying to get rid of something around her head.

“Oden? What are you doing here? I thought I was out on my own…”

“Lilly, no way you are going to run off without me telling you what’s going on.”

Oden and Lilly had been having a conversation at the castle as Lilly ran off without notice. The two of them knew each other for years and had been turning around each other for ages as if they did not know what to do. Recently they reached the topic naughtiness, and both had ideas of this, however, even though being in their twenties, had never talked about it with anyone.

“But Oden, what if…” Before Lilly finished her sentence, she turned around and ran again. Oden was just in time to catch up the pace and follow her. What a conversation of thirst couldn’t bring to the two of them, but he just had to know what she was thinking.

Oden tackled Lilly as he jumped on her and grabbed her mid-air. “Going to talk now?” he whispered in her ear.

“Do I have to?” Lilly looked at him with puppy eyes as the two of them got up and sat down next to each other.

“Yes, you do.”

“Well, I was thinking…” Lilly turned red and stammered. “Thinking of a different thirst.” She gave Oden such a smirking smile and felt her whole head turn red.

“Ohh, I see. You were thinking of eating something thirsty.” Oden rolled over the floor in laughter, not knowing what else to do.

“Hey! That’s not funny.” But before Lilly knew what was happening Oden had already started running and she knew it was her turn chasing. She jumped up and sprinted shortly catching up with her friend, afterwards just diving towards him and dragging him down in the dirt.

“Don’t even dare thinking that again!” Her whole face had turned red and she held Oden close to her.

“Oh, but I’m thinking of something else you see.” Oden’s face was just smirking at Lilly and she loosened her grip a bit.”

“Explain.” Lilly was too curious but also quite scared what was going to happen and she put all her senses on sharp to whack her friend if needed. But he did the unpredictable, he leaned forward to her face and kissed her. Lilly froze for a second, but it was just enough for Oden to whisper those words to her.

“I love you.” With that he broke free and left Lilly on her own. She didn’t know what to think of it at all, and felt helpless, what was love, but more, how did they emerged from dirty talking towards love that fast, her mind was just all cluttered up.

She just sat down, overthinking everything that had happened until then, and realised she couldn’t love at all. Torture maybe, but other than that, it was impossible. As she made up her mind Oden quietly returned to the place he left her, hoping she would have not gone away.


“Oden? There you are.”

“Are you alright?” Without nowhere Lilly jumped on Oden and reached for his left underarm. “AAAAAAI! Lilly! What is this for.”

“You started all of this!” Lilly used her nails to cut off the fabric that was hiding Oden’s skin, then she reached out in his pockets, knowing he’d have a knife somewhere.

“There it is!” Lilly took it out of the holder and Oden looked at her in disbelieve while she firmly held the knife and saw it go towards his arm.

“Lilly don’t! Why are you doing this?! STOP!” But Lilly ignored the screams, all she had with her were her own thoughts, and the message she wanted to engrave on Oden’s underarm.

You are mine

Author’s note II: Nope, there isn’t going to be an 9.5 like there was with 8. I am not writing this as a happy ending as well. Yes I’m speaking directly to you here Airye, deal with it. *laughs*


What if you from on of the other day walk into a person you cannot live without? Is that normal to just happen for you, or is that something people think is impossible? Or what is it even, I’ve never experienced it before.

I just wander around from time to time, daydreaming about what would have happened if I met that person earlier in my life, and what would happen if people won’t ever meet their equal, or so to say soulmate. What if there is no happiness in their lives? Or not the one I’m experiencing.

People see a soulmate as lover as well, but I disagree, I think a soulmate can also be your best friend, or at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself, and thus, there should be a centre of truth about that right, nothing is as it seems, and the world is bigger than you’d ever imagined.

From what I’ve experienced is that you gain unending pain from losing such a person, and, maybe even the end of the world. In my opinion you could also have two soulmates or something. But I think this as very unlikely. Those kind of people don’t just fall through a door, and they can be in every part of the world. Maybe it’s something in the trend of “twins” by the way you look, but nothing else. There has been said at least someone else looks alike you, and one of my friends from high school found a girl who looked exactly like her but was just years older.

You might ask how I start to write about this, right? Well it’s because certain things happened this week, which made me wonder which people to hold close, and everything around that. Something like that goes through your head when a family member tries to commit suicide I guess, that is not something you can just put out of your head.

I think, in a way I have been suffering, but friends make it worthwhile no matter how time flows, as long as you have your loved ones close, the pain of losing someone will eventually go away, and that person will never be forgotten.

Writing Prompt #8.5 ~ Non-fictional Reality Fantasy

Author’s note: Listening to a song, and remembering the waves of time, following a stream that was never mine.
Author’s note II: This is how it would end in my fantasy world. 

Jane and Oliver kept talking more and more, and eventually they grew closer again. Nobody knew what was happening but Jane knew it herself. She was falling in love with Oliver over and over again. There was no way back, nothing left to change, or even to say, yet she cursed her mind. She didn’t want to fall in love with him again, it wasn’t a healthy relationship for her, no matter how much Oliver has changed.

Being haunted over and over again, Jane went to Angeline desperately, not knowing what to do anymore, her heart was racing in her chest, and her mind was a complete chaos. It was as if she was experiencing a heartbreak over and over again.

“Darling, are you alright?” It was a quiet evening and Jane had come over to Angeline her house, sitting on her sofa with a cup of tea.

“I’m not Angeline, it feels as if he keeps dragging me back and back to where we first started, my mind says one thing, yet my heart says another. But I’m afraid, afraid I will hurt him again and again, as I did before. This was my second chance already and I ruined it. He gave everything up for me, yet I still couldn’t handle it, what if he isn’t the problem, but I am? What then?”

“Deary, the future is unknown, and you and I both know he would take that third chance, no matter how much you hurt him. He feels as he hurt you too much, and too many times and that there is no way back. That this would always stay in-between you.” Jane sighed, she knew Angeline was right, but at the same time her common sense said something else.

“I just don’t know it anymore. I want him, but at the same time I don’t want him. I feel like we’re soulmates, but on a level I cannot understand.” Jane looked helpless at Angeline and the tears nearly fell from her eyes on her face. “I just don’t know!” She cried at the world and screamed and yelled to the ceiling.

“Ssshhhh, it’s alright.” Angeline pulled Jane closer and embraced her in a hug. “I’m here for you Jane, and you know I will be forever and more. Don’t ever forget that.

The two of them talked through the whole evening and more, even though they eventually fell asleep with a smile on their faces. The next day Jane left to go and see Oliver, to talk to him. In her heart she had decided yet her mind still disagreed, for once she left her logics alone and jumped into the unknown flow of emotions, who knew what would happen.

“Jane? What are you doing here?” Jane had rung the bell of Oliver’s apartment and stood in front of the door.

“That’s one way to ask a friend in.” Jane laughed, knowing Oliver was still so afraid hurting her that badly that she wouldn’t come back forever. “We have to talk. Can I come in?” Oliver stepped aside and let her the way. He gestured her to hang her jacket over one of the chairs standing in the room. The apartment was exactly has how it fits his personality and Jane immediately felt more comfortable coming in. Even though everything was in order, you also saw the sloppy parts of Oliver and the fact he was a writer.

The random notes filled the floor and she saw some of them drawn out as characters. It was so like Oliver. Jane sighed, knowing she would have to say this one of the other way, but she didn’t know how, or even where to start.

“You said you wanted to talk Jane?” Oliver’s voice sounded quite nervous as if he knew something big was up. “It’s not about that again, isn’t it. I know it’s been haunting you, but no matter how much I wish to help you, I just don’t know how.” Jane’s face turned red, now knowing what to say she just let her feelings flow.

“It’s more than just that…” Jane paused and looked in his eyes, they stood troublesome, not knowing what to do with them, nor if what she was going to tell her was to destroy their friendship or not. “I think….”

“What do you think?”

“That we’re soulmates.” Jane spit it out before she knew it and just sighed in revelation. That was done, now she could move on with her life. She looked at Oliver and his face spoke books. “Yes Oliver, that means I still love you, and always will.”

Oliver was speechless and just looked and Jane in disbelieve, it was as if his world had just been destroyed and completely rebuild at the same time. Jane recovered his wildest dreams, and he just didn’t know what to say anymore. Could this really be true? It wasn’t a dream, or something? He pinched the skin on his arm and knew, wow, his latest wish had been granted, and he didn’t even know who to thank.

Without thinking any further he put a step in Jane’s direction and lifted her up, while kissing her passionately. She wrapped her arms around him and returned it with just as much passion, and she knew she made the right decision. Together they build up their lives again, even though they would quarrel every now and then, at the same time their love was like a shining star in the sky, it was everlasting and would even stay till the end of days.


Writing Prompt #8 ~ Non-fictional Reality

Author’s note: Listening to a song, and remembering the waves of time, following a stream that was never mine.
Author’s note II: Please take into account this is non-fiction mixed with fantasy.

Jane had everything she ever wanted, she was in love with her best friend, and had friends supporting her in whichever decision she makes with her life, yet always consulting them, to know how they think, and to get a brighter view.

That one fatal day Jane remembered something important. She and her boyfriend Oliver had been dating for around three months now, yet she still wasn’t certain about her feelings, what if it wasn’t right, what if there was another way for her to go and follow her ways? Jane wasn’t sure anymore, she decided it was time to talk to her good friend Angeline and ask her for advice.


“Jane, darling, long time no see, how have you been?”

“Well, not that well actually…” Jane made a long pause and Angeline waited for her to go on, knowing she had something to tell her. “I just feel like me and Oliver aren’t getting along well, it’s as he’s only focusing on himself, and not on me, it’s as if I’m losing him. It makes me wonder if I ever really loved him at all.”

“That’s something though you’re saying here Jane, that cannot be taken lightly. Have you tried talking about this with Oliver?” Angeline stopped speaking at the moment she saw Jane’s face, it expressed a certain degree of sadness that could not be worded, but her face spoke more that thousand words.

“Oh…” Angeline nodded and embraced Jane, as her tears fell down over her schoulder. Jane knew what had to be done, and was about to do so.

Months went by after Jane had talked to Oliver, she told him to stay away from her, to never return home, and to just move on with his life. She had made up her mind, and nothing was going to change that, or so she thought. Every day was a torture without Oliver. The laughs they shared, the random talks, she had loved them so much, and even though she knew this was better for her own mind, she just couldn’t move on. It turned that bad that she even ignored him during the parties at the club where they first met, and always went to together.

Angeline saw both of them suffer, and she didn’t pick a side, yet she called Oliver out on his mistakes after he begged her to tell why Jane left him. She even had to call him out on not trying to contact Jane, as she was going through a lot with her job as well, and he knew, as she talked about it with her friends at the club. Oliver and her worked out something to help him with when encountering others, so he wouldn’t be so selfabsorbed anymore, and even though Angeline tried to ignore that her two dear friends weren’t talking anymore, she just couldn’t in the end.

During one of the more sunnier days of January, Angeline poked her head in at Jane’s house. At the moment she stepped in she saw an artist at work. The floor was covered with yet to make sketches and one big painting was standing in the livingroom, while Jane was dancing around it using two pencils while having a third one in her mouth as she run out of space.

“Hey Angeline.” Angeline gave a puzzled look at Jane as she didn’t understand what had just been said by her. Jane put down the three pencils she was using carefully and walked to the kitchen repeating herself. Angeline followed her as if they had never done something before.

“Thanks for letting yourself in, my hand were kind of full at the moment.”

“What is that you’re working on anyway?”

“It’s the latest art work that got requested. I was asked to create my own tree, and decided that every element should have a part of the tree, so I’m painting it realisticly.” Jane washed her hands and grabbed two glasses, as she heated up warm water for tea.

“Jane, I came here to point out something that has been bothering me. At some point you have to get over Oliver and act normal to him again. The way you’re ignoring him now is not only making things awkward for the two of you, but it’s also getting akward for your mutual friends. Please get up and just act normal, and if you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for me.”

Jane stayed quiet afterwards, considering what Angeline had said, she sipped her tea and knew she was right, even though she didn’t want to admit it. “Okay then, I’ll try. I know I’ve been unreasonable, but I just saw no other way.”

“I know you didn’t deary, and I don’t think what you think was wrong, but it’s been going on long enough, don’t you think?” Jane nodded and peeked a tear from her face before it dripped into her tea.

“I’ll Angeline.”

“That’s all I can ask for.”

Shortly after this, everything went back to normal from how it was before Jane and Oliver ever dated, but something has changed, and they both knew it. The two of them first very uncomfortable talking again, but after some time it went better, they got to know each other again, and Jane forced Oliver to talk it out.

“I don’t want to do this Jane. Can’t we just ask Angeline to witness this?”


“I refuse to make the same mistake again, I don’t want to hurt you.” Jane was still scared inside, she had been shed apart by the fact she told Oliver to leave and never come back, and yet they were standing here, and she only had to do that because of him not paying attention, but then she sayed strong.

“I can take this, and I need this.” With those words spoken Oliver started, but on a whisper tone as they were still at the club. Their friends backed of knowing what was going to happen, but Angeline nodded at Jane, and gave her a comforting smile, and as Oliver looked at her, he got the same one, which he took as a reassuring smile.

Before closing time Jane and Oliver were done, they talked about the good old times and laughed together, it definitely improved the atmosphere in the whole club and the moods of everyone as well. Angeline came out to the two of them and gave them a group hug, whispering she was proud of them.

Over the weeks Jane saw how much Oliver had changed since she left him, and wondered why such a thing had to happen to tear her months apart, why wasn’t reason enough. It was kind of sad for her to look back on, as she was tortured most by not talking to him. Her mind was torn apart and her focus was gone, it had even pressed a blank mind on her creativity for so long, and it had been so close for her to just fully leave everything behind.

Yet even now Jane was sometimes taunted with the memories, they haunted her from time to time, shifting her everlasting happy mood to a dark cloud. This happened especially at nights, and she just couldn’t put her finger on it, or actually she could. The only clue was to write it down. Jane grabbed a pencil and put it next to her bed, scribbling all thoughts she had at those time down, knowing it was the only way for her to understand.

Realisation eventually came, and she knew that for now it wasn’t the solution, but she finally understood herself. It was done with a simple nod and promise to herself. “Nobody will ever know the deepest darklight of my heart except for when they’re ready.”

As she wrote down the last phrase on the wall ‘Danger ahead’ she put away her pencil and fell away in a dreamless sleep, only to wake up the next day, regaining her happiness.